Shadowhound is a specialist search and consulting firm that combines extensive industry experience
with a market-leading recruitment process. Our clients are financial institutions, law firms and management consultants across Europe, the US and Asia. Our level of product knowledge and professional experience sets us apart from our competitors and gives us a unique perspective on talent acquisition for our clients. The values we hold dear as individuals – discretion, trust, confidence and reliability – are always at the forefront of our approach to business.


    One of the questions that our clients and candidates ask us is why we chose to call our business Shadowhound. The name was born out of a desire to challenge the status quo and disrupt the rather stuffy branding that most City head hunting firms use. Shadowhound’s founder, Canice Hogan, was a client of those same City firms for many years and wanted to create something different. The starting point was the name. The logo is that of an English Foxhound which, among other attributes, is a social animal, a true team player within a pack. The Foxhound is tenacious, has extraordinary stamina and above all is a superb scent hound at tracking its quarry. The combination of the animal and “shadow” came about to reflect the fact that, as a firm, we look and operate in the shadows. We aim to be discreet and to search in some less obvious and not so well lit places for talent. As with many great ideas it came from Canice’s wife, Kate.