Sourcing candidates for senior positions:
We make use of a bespoke and extensive research process to identify suitable candidates. We screen these candidates thoroughly and prepare them for interview. As part of the selection process, we carry out due diligence and help negotiate the appropriate level of compensation as well as prepare the candidates for the resignation process. We complete the process by ensuring that once an offer is made, the candidate accepts it and is not deterred from doing so.


Encouraging diversity in the workforce:
We carry out creative and broad-reaching research to deliver diverse candidate lists for our clients. We work with our candidates to find roles within institutions where they will feel both valued and supported. Our innovative approach has led to us working with external key leaders in the diversity field to deliver effective and invaluable internal events for our core clients.


Investigating compensation trends:
We review specific market segments, determining compensation trends in order to help our clients remain competitive. This can range from salary ranges, bonus plans and equity incentive schemes to senior executive total compensation packages.


Advising on transitions:
We work with senior candidates who are making difficult career transitions by using a distinctive process unlike the typical “outplacement” services. These candidates may be looking to switch company or industry or move from the sell to the buy side. Our services range from identifying and connecting them with the right employers, preparing CVs, conducting interview training sessions and advising on how to negotiate appropriate compensation packages.


Investigating a team or individual to evaluate their suitability for a position:
Our industry connections and market intelligence allow us to conduct this research with great discretion. The research enables us to develop reports for a hiring manager (whether or not Shadowhound is involved in the search itself) so that they can be fully informed throughout the decision making process. The due diligence product is particularly useful in understanding market conditions for talent acquisition as well as in M&A scenarios.


Advising clients who are considering entry into new markets or augmenting their existing offering:
Whether in new jurisdictions, practice areas or products, we do all of the up-front heavy lifting to identify the strength of an opportunity, the strength of the competition, the size of the market and we also research the pre-existing client crossover.


Developing benchmarks for our clients:
We undertake highly customised engagements in which we examine various segments of the market in order to ascertain the relative strengths and weaknesses of competitors in areas such as headcount and geography.